Push & Publish

Development Driven Publishing

The brand new dimension of workflow for your next ebook about software engineering. Work on your publication as you work on software. Use git, generate previews on branches, and collaborate with other developers.

Generated page example
Push to generate.
CI/CD pipeline will take care of generating the beautiful PDF you can immediately sold it or share with others.
No more broken links.
All links are replaced on generation to route traffic using fully configurable proxy. You will be also notified when one of the original links will stop working.
Branch previews.
Working on a new chapter? Create branch and push to see how the PDF would look like after changes.
Personalized ebook copies.
Use dynamic variables in the ebook source to fill it with unique data related to your reader.
Powerful API.
Use dashboard or trigger all of the processes using dedicated API to incorporate the flow into applications you are using.
Provide your readers with the history of released versions and changes that were applied.

Get notified about free beta

We are close to releasing the first version. Once it's ready you will get free access to test all of the features! Spots are limited.